Mold Inspection in Loudoun VA

If your home or business is exposed to a significant amount of moisture, such as a leaking roof or flooding, you could be at risk for a mold infestation. Many mold varieties can begin growing within 48-72 hours from water exposure. Once mold has taken hold, your property risks becoming a breeding ground for allergens and irritants.

Loudoun Water Damage Restoration is known as the best mold removal service Loudoun, VA has to offer. In order to provide the safest, quickest, and most effective service, we’re proud to offer 24-hour emergency support.Throughout the restoration process, your safety will be our top concern. We will do everything we can to make sure that you’re satisfied with our work, all while keeping your asbestos exposure to an absolute minimum.

Our professional mold removal process starts with a thorough mold inspection of your property, which would allow us to pinpoint specific areas where mold needs to be removed. During this process, we look

Mold Testing
for visible signs of moisture, water damage, potential leaks, and water intrusion. Our technicians will typically begin the investigation in target, high-growth areas such as the interior living space, the basement, the attic, and crawl spaces

Identifying Mold Damage & Mold Types

At first glance, some mold varieties can appear similar. Different types of mold may have a similar appearance, but one could be more dangerous than others. We do not recommend attempting to identify mold strains yourself, since any disruption to the mold’s surface can release spores.

Unfortunately, the only way to identify mold spores accurately is to get them under a microscope and tested. Aspergillus This family of mold is found in food, as well as in-home air conditioning systems and ducts. Aspergillus is known to cause allergic reactions in humans.

Cladosporium The surface of Cladosporium resembles black pepper and is classified as non-toxic. Nevertheless, exposure to its spores can still trigger allergic reactions and irritate your skin. Stachybotrys Commonly referred to as black mold, Stachybotrys is a toxic mold that poses a serious health risk to anyone who comes into contact with it. Stringent safety measures (such as the use of protective gear) should be implemented when removing Stachybotrys.

Conditions That Cause Mold Growth

In order for mold to grow, certain environmental conditions must be met. Your home or business could be contaminated with mold if the following conditions exist

High Humidity If your property is located in a high humidity area, then the possibility of mold growth will increase. This is because outdoor humidity impacts your indoor humidity levels, and the resulting moisture creates the perfect environment for toxic mold to thrive. 

Conditions That Cause Mold Growth

Water Leaks When there are unresolved water intrusions to the building, such as a roof leak or a pipe leak, moisture will begin to build up. If these leaks are ignored or if they remain undiscovered, this allows mold to spread. 

Flooding Whether it’s caused by broken plumbing or heavy rains, flooding provides the perfect opportunity for mold growth. As is the case with water leaks, the longer the flooding remains unaddressed, the higher the chances of mold growth.

Mold Testing

After we’ve located all visible mold formations, we’ll need to collect samples for in-depth analysis and testing. Once the samples have been carefully extracted, they are immediately sent to a reputable laboratory for testing.

This step is critical because different mold strains require different remediation strategies. This testing will also help us determine if the mold damage in your property poses a health risk.

Mold Assessments

Once the test results come back, we’ll learn the toxicity levels of the mold. This informs our strategy for containing the spores. Containment of all affected requires industrial-grade mold removal and remediation tools such as HEPA air scrubbers, zip walls, mold coatings, and mold sealers. At the same time, pur mold removal specialists are equipped with protective gear and specialized systems that will allow the safe and effective eradication of mold from your property.

When the mold has been contained, we can start drying out all humid or moist areas in your house. Mold thrives when moisture is abundant, so drying the affected areas out should rob them of the chance to grow and continue to spread.

Mold Assessments

After the drying is complete, we’ll need to use industrial-grade chemicals on the affected floors and walls. In cases where the mold growth is inside or in the back of a wall, the only real option is to remove the material, which is likely to be wet or moist and mold-damaged already.

Mold Assessments Begin With A Visual Inspection

Mold inspections are more about detecting the presence of water than looking for the mold itself. The mold inspectors at Loudoun Water Damage Restoration begin their assessment by looking for the presence of moisture in your home. Once detected, we then begin a more in-depth inspection searching for areas where moisture has begun to permanently impair the home, such as:

  • Evidence of mold growth
  • Areas of water intrusion
  • Signs of water damage

When Does My Home Need To Be Tested For Mold

Mold has the ability to grow on any organic material such as wood, drywall, and carpet. As this harmful substance grows, it releases thousands of microscopic spores into the air, and subsequently, into the lungs of you and your family. If you suspect mold in your home, we recommend having it tested and verified in order to bring any mold hazards to a safe and healthy level.

Termites can be highly destructive. You should call us as soon as you notice a colony in or near your property. Even seeing a single termite is a clear indication that there is a colony close by.

Home Needs to be Tested?

We can prevent them by making the structure less attractive by using a concrete foundation with a space between soil and wood for ventilation, or by covering exposed wood surfaces with a sealant or metal bar, to keep it dry.